Empowering Change Through Digital Adventure

Embark on a transformative journey where digital marketing, technology, and culture converge to empower brands & individuals, foster authenticity, and champion sustainability.

Cultivating Sustainable Digital Success

Comprehensive suite of professional services for committed brands, professionals, and institutions.

Digital Marketing Advocate

Elaborate on the digital marketing strategy to consolidate your brand in your market or explore new ones.

Media & Advertising Expert

+300K€ of ads investment managed and optimized to help my clients generate sales, leads, traffic, and awareness.

Web Implementation Enthusiast

I’ve been developing the perfect framework to quickly build functional and converting web or e-commerce projects.

Lecturer / Speaker

I train professionals in University Masters, Business Schools, international companies in Ads & Tech, and participate as a speaker.

Digital Project Manager

Take advantage of my experience creating and managing +25 digital web/app projects for your brand.

Acting Aficionada

Gain a unique perspective on advertising as I step into the shoes of an actress in top brand commercials.

What’s in my backpack?

10-year-experience in Digital Marketing and Communication in France, Spain & International & expertise in Tourism & Culture, Health & Well-being, Lifestyle brands & Education.

An international profile

Born in France, rooted in Catalonia and inspired by international professional experiences: new challenges have always been my comfort zone.

lucie pellier professional digital media advertising training
lucie pellier professional digital media advertising training

Professional training

Trained in Communication, Digital Marketing and Project Management in HETIC Paris (top 5 of IT Schools) and by the best digital experts in Spain.

And still learning and practicing.

Curious & Conscious by nature

Investigating, innovating, exploring and creating is part of me and how I work. Doing things “as usual” is not my modus operandi.

I can’t help taking into account sustainability, minimalism, and diversity in each project I get involved in.

lucie pellier digital marketing consultant

“An excellent, well-trained professional with a great interest in strategy and exceptional technical skills in people with her profile.”

Montse Peñarroya

CEO, Quadrant Alfa

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