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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 24041420


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Digital Strategy

Create a digital communication strategy and
a plan that meets your business goals
Grow Your Business

Get More Clients

Build Customer Loyalty

Increase Brand Awareness

Get advice from a Digital Expert.

I help you achieve the results you expect by creating the digital roadmap with you and your team to grow your business.

Expert in Digital Strategy, organized and focused on results, I have advised companies, institutions, and territories for more than seven years on communicating better and selling more online. If you think now is the time to take advantage of the online channel to develop your business and prefer to do it with a trusted partner, contact me and explain your next challenge.

How we elaborate your Digital Strategy

Internal and external (digital benchmark)


Digital situation thanks to SWOT


Elaboration of the system to follow

Action Plan

Definition of the actions to implement

Lucie performed an excellent job […]. She showed initiative and could work autonomously and in a team when requested. It was a pleasure to work with her because of her "will do" and positive attitude. I highly recommend Lucie because she is a passionate person with excellent communication skills who can achieve different goals while maintaining good relationships with all kinds of people.

Eulàlia Tomàs

Lucie is an excellent, well-trained professional with a great interest in strategy and exceptional technical skills in people with her profile. For my part, I had the pleasure of being Lucie's teacher in the Postgraduate Course at the University of Girona, and I was able to observe her skills, her high motivation for everything related to marketing and technology, and her thirst for insatiable to learn more.

Montserrat Peñarroya

After elaborating on the annual online strategy and defining the operation plan with actions in directories, social networks, and digital advertising, the online channel is now one of our main ways of attracting customers. Lucie is an excellent ally in growing our company, so we continue our collaboration setting new goals and new actions.

Ayub Nakmoussi

Ready to boost your sales and visibility online?

We are here to help you design your digital strategy, build your plan and define the KPIs to follow. Then, achieve your goals and take your brand to another level.